Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here's what I don't get: why don't these two NY Times articles say whether MoveOn was able to pick the day their ad ran, and/or whether they were told which day it would run? That seems to be the heart of the controversy. They do tell us that Giuliani was told which day his ad would run, so they can apparently get that info. Doesn't say whether they got it from Giuliani or the paper, but presumably they could try the analogous approach w/ the MoveOn ad and report the results. But there's no mention.

For the record, as you know, I'm a lefty type. But I'm very suspicious of Kat Seelye's reporting because of her role in fucking over Al Gore (and the rest of the country as a result) in 2000.

UPDATE: I'll be damned. I guess this is why. Fucking idiots.

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