Monday, October 18, 2010

Title for a book or song or album: "I Am Where I Am Going."

I like it partly because, under most circumstances, if you were still going you wouldn't have gotten there yet. But I am there, yet I continue to go. And there's a nice little tension/confusion about what modifies what here -- is it that, where I am now is where I am going? Or is it that where I am going is "I"? Or even that what I am is a matter of simply where I am going? (Answer: yes and yes and yes.) And I like the musical cadence of it -- the repeated "I Am" -- nice in itself -- with different conclusions. Happily, you could also say: "I am where? I am going." Or even: "I am where I am: Going." All of which are right.

When I google this phrase I get a lot of results, but a quick peek suggests that all or most of them are some version of the phrase "I don't know who I am, where I am going." This phrase gives a fun zen-like answer to both of those questions.

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